Weekly Web Muffins - Issue 1

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MovieMuffin: I just love MovieOfTheNight.com. This website asks for your region and the streaming services you have, and then gives you ideas of what's available matching your criteria. Feel like watching badly rated thrillers? No problem. How about a gritty documentary? You're welcome.

Retro 🔁 Muffin: Oh, the nostalgia... Here are two interesting free retro stations with nice visuals. Perfect for just having on a screen playing in the background:

lofi.cafe - lofi music 🎧
Lofi music streams for studying, working, and relaxing.
You can change the visuals. Music is without lyrics.
Vibe City FM
Enter Vibe City and cruise through a regularly updated selection of chill music.
Cool visuals, not sure if you can change them. Music is with and without lyrics.

Short Article ✍ Muffin: This 7-minute article on the Jordan Harbinger Show, talks about a concept developed by US sociologist Ray Oldenburg in 1989. The concept in question is called, a Third Place. It describes a place outside your home or work where you can relax and hang out.

I highly encourage you to give it a read. It's an interesting concept to have in mind in these times of isolation.

Video 📹 Muffin: I don't know why I had not seen this channel before. It's hilarious!

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